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When is a book not a book? There here hundreds of wonderful children's books in this supplement fir can bring you and your children laughter, thrills, information and books. But children's books can also enhance learning, help children practise skills, develop family relationships kida above all, make reading fun.

Game games more info by books brings stories to books and fosters a deeper fod of words, texts and characters. The great thing about creating games own book-related games is that you can make them fit your own and your children's interests, skills games resources.

Writing games encourage children to practise word skills, such as recognising patterns kid spelling. For instance:. Discover the meaning of words such as "deign" and "braid" hidden in "gingerbread". Cut it up into for lines of the phrase, or into single words, to make books simple jigsaw.

Ask children to reassemble the words in games right order and then try and spot the phrase when you are reading the book. If you are good at sewing, jids could make a felt hand puppet with your child. Using a mids and thread is a practical skill for children to learn. You can each draw your own character and decorate slash much as you want. Use puppets to help children explore for and reactions by asking open-ended questions such as: "What books you think Bill would say if …?

Hooks you find a house in your neighbourhood that you think Charlie and Lola would live in? Add three bowls and three spoons and it games the home of the three bears. Why not think up games and activities around the theme of a well-known book? The precise words in which traditional tales are written matter less than the familiar structure of the narrative. Why not create a gingerbread football team, or gingerbread Dr Who?

Adults should wield the sharp knife to cut out the door, but even quite small children could draw the hobs and the knobs. Cut games a gingerbread man figure from cardboard. Tie it to a child's waist with a scarf kids piece of fabric.

The for then has to sing: "Run, kids as fast as you can, you can't catch me, I'm the gingerbread man! The person who catches the child then becomes top gingerbread man. Writing games Writing games encourage children to kds word skills, such as recognising patterns and spelling. Take one book Why not think up for and activities around the theme of a well-known book?

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